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Boga P1 – All in one car audio system (DSP + DAC + Power Amp)


  •          -Burr-Brown High-Performance 24-Bit, 216KHz ADC
  •          -Cirrus Logic DSP (10 bands for each 3 different inputs)
  •          -XMOS xCORE-AUDIO Hi-Res USB Audio Interface 
  •          -AB Class RMS 45W x 4 Channel 
  •          -Connector to connector type cable 
  •          -Voltage Increase (12V -> 18V)
  •          -Compact Size (W 14.5 cm x D 12cm x H 3.6cm)
  •          -3.5mm Aux input for Navigation, iPod, MP3 Player etc

BOGA P1 is a Korean AB Class all-in-one car audio that offers the no.1 solution for OEM Car audio because BOGA P1 has embedded DAC (Digital to Analog Converter), RMS 45W x 4CH Power Amp and DSP (Digital Signal Processor).


Lately, it is hard to change or replace the OEM Car Audio when the cars are shipped from the car makers’ factory. Thus, if you want to enhance the sound quality of the OEM Car Audio, you will need to install products such as POWER AMP, DSP, DAC and speakers. The cost for POWER AMP, DSP and DAC is very expensive and also takes up a large amount of space in your car boot.


Hence, BOGA Sound INC. has developed P1, which has a very compact and sleek design, made simple and easy to install, hides easily underneath the car seat and embedded high quality audio DAC by Burr-Brown and X-MOS digital audio interface. This enables the use of smart devices; iPhone and android phones. It is used as a sound source unit with High-Resolution 24bit Audio 96kHz to 192kHz such as FLAC audio format. It improves the sound quality and output power of the OEM head unit and AUX navigation device. You can listen to Hi-Res audio files from streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music on your smartphone conveniently and be well on your way to enjoy your new and improved lifestyle of listening to music in your car hassle-free.


BOGA P1 offers a connector to connector cable so there is no need to cut the OEM cable. Thus, drivers do not have to worry about this, as cutting the OEM cable may void the manufacturer’s warranty. The BOGA P1 ensures that it suits every driver’s needs, it is simple to install, only takes a short period of time and lastly it is reasonably priced compared to products like POWER AMP, DSP and DAC.


BOGA P1 also provides a setting program where you can access to settings easily; time delay, equalizer (10 bands and 3 different inputs) with DSP function and pre-sets by manufacturer. Simply connect the USB Cable (micro 5Pin to USB) to your laptop and BOGA P1. Separate setting is possible for each input (head unit, X-MOS, AUX) through BOGA P1. All the input (head unit, X-MOS, AUX) is mixed, so you can listen to all the sounds simultaneously. You can customize it to make the speaker centre, creating a sound more surround.


BOGA P1 utilizes premium audio chips such as Intel FPGA Cyclone 10 CPU, Burr-Brown, Cirrus Logic, etc. and enable best power supply by boosting the 12V input power to 18V. Therefore, BOGA P1 provides the finest high quality sound. You can now enjoy high resolution audio, effortlessly.


  •          Burr-Brown High-Performance 24-Bit, 216KHz Stereo ADC

Uncompromising sound quality, Burr-Brown ADC, high quality audio parts.


  •          Intel FPGA Cyclone IV

Single computing speed is 200 times faster than CPU. DAC, power control, temperature control.


  •          Cirrus Logic DSP
    DSP proved and acknowledge also for Home Audio Firm and clear sound.


  •          XMOS xCORE-AUDIO Hi-Res USB Audio Interface

No.1 Digital audio interface chip X-MOS for iPhone and Android phone.


  •          STMicroelectronics TDA7802 Power Amp

AB Class RMS 45W X 4 Channel offers enhanced sound quality and increased efficiency with advanced BCD technology.


  •         Voltage Increase

Stable power supply that decides 50% of audio quality.

BOGA p1 enable best power supply by boosting the 12v input power to 18v.


  •          Compact Size
    Compact size permits easy installation in hidden location.s
    Size: W 14.5cm x D 12cm x H 3.6cm.


  •          Connector to connector type cable
    No need to cut OEM cables, installation time reduced dramatically and good news for people who worrying about manufacturer warranty void.


  •          Twin-Bearing Silent FAN
    Low noise, high performance fan with 550~3300 RPM for smooth cooling.


  •          NXB Series Aluminum Capacitor

Stable power supply with quick charging and discharging speed.


  •          Amorphous Toroidal Choke Coil
    Adopting Amorphous metal Choke coil for low noise high quality sound realization.




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