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Force Zero Backup Power Battery DF-10


  • Battery: 6000mAh
  • 30 Hours parking mode recording
  • Full charging in 50min
  • Battery type: NCM
  • Built-In-Triple Safety sensor
  • Compact size for easy installation
  • Made in Korea

– Battery Capacity Can Be Expanded up to 2 Times (2x)
This small battery pack can record about 120 hours of parking at 266 W based on a black box with power consumption of 2.2W.  (model dependent)

– NCM Battery
NCM Batteries (Used in Tesla, Fisker, and Renault Samsung) are applied. It provides stable and efficient performances.

– Free Volt
Support free volt for the first time in the world. (12~24)

– Silicon Cables with UL Certification Applied
The cables provide cold resistance, heat resistance and endurance to preventing occurrence of breaking and short circuits.

– Extensibility & Usability
LED Display show charging status

– Capacity Expansion Function
High capacity super condenser made in Korea by Samyong is applied to ensure excellent cooling effects and longer life time (5,000 cycles).

– Compact battery size
Small size makes it easy to install inside your car.
Size : L:200 (mm) X W:125(mm) X H:31(mm)


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