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Mightycell Backup Power Battery EN5000


  • Battery: 64W / 12V
  • 24 hr parking mode recording
  • Battery type: LiFePo4
  • 90% charged just 45 min driving
  • Smart Sensor & High temperature protection sensor
  • Compact size for easy installation
  • Made in Korea

– Battery Capacity 64Wh / 12.0V
This small battery pack can power 2 channel car camera for about 24 hours and 1 channel car camera for about 35 hours (model dependent)

– LiFePO4 Battery Technology
High energy density combined with safety and consistent performance

– Super Fast Charging
It need only 45 minutes driving to charge 90% !!

– Smart Sensor & High temperature protection sensor
It cut off the power when overheating and overcurrent

– Extensibility & Usability
LED Display show charging status

– Compact battery size
Small size makes it easy to install inside your car.
Size : L:150 (mm) X W:140(mm) X H:40(mm)


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